About Us

The KIND Foundation, a charitable entity started by KIND Snacks, launched Frontline Impact Project in April 2020 to support COVID-19 frontline workers. Given the pandemic’s scale and longevity, nurses and doctors remain the primary donation recipients, but we also support those on the frontlines of natural disasters, including wildfires and hurricanes. Like COVID, these events have demanded unprecedented levels of dedication and sacrifice from America’s first responders. Most recently, we extended support to poll workers and ballot counters on the frontlines of democracy. To date, KIND and more than 60 partners have donated nearly four million products. As one beneficiary said, "There is a big smile beneath my mask."

“When COVID-19 hit, KIND wanted to donate snacks to frontline workers, but we encountered logistical challenges when trying to equitably reach groups outside of our network at scale. When we realized that others were facing similar barriers, we built Frontline Impact Project to make it as easy as possible for companies to support those who give so much but receive so little.”

Daniel Lubetzky, Founder of KIND

From our partners

“When we learned of Frontline Impact Project, it was a no-brainer for us to join. Their matching process greatly simplified our efforts and amplified our charitable work to seamlessly reach thousands of providers.”

Adnan Durrani, Founder & CEO, Saffron Road

“We were looking for a flexible and streamlined way to donate our products. Frontline Impact Project gives us the opportunity to scale our giving as the situation demands.”

Aaron Croutch, Executive Vice President, Lenny & Larry’s

“Now, more than ever, it's critical that we support first responders and help keep them healthy and hydrated. Hint has donated water to hundreds of organizations across the country, and the Frontline Impact Project has made coordination with a number of those groups much easier.”

Kara Goldin, Founder and CEO, Hint

From our recipients

“We are grateful for Frontline Impact Project’s support of our healthcare community. We need everyone’s help to overcome this global health crisis, and donations such as this make a notable difference for our workers on the front lines.”

Sean Gibson, Manager, Duke University Hospital’s Trauma Center

“Your donation nourished our bodies so that we could continue to fight on the front lines.”

Zena Harrison, Registered Dietitian, Mercy Catholic Medical Center, Mercy Philadelphia Campus

“Our Paramedics and EMTs have worked tirelessly, putting their own safety and families at risk every day for the last six months. The donations received through Frontline Impact Project offered them well-deserved recognition for their hard work.”

Kevin Turner, Chief Operating Officer, Cataldo Ambulance